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Two Inches Of Ivory

In the murmurs, in the pauses, in the gestures, in the sighs

12 May 1988
[Inserts life story here]
1910s, 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, 19th century, a little night music, alexandra silber, angela carter, anne boleyn, anne of green gables, arthurian legend, audra mcdonald, austria, ballet, barbra streisand, baritones, bonnets, books, brideshead revisited, british comedy, brontë sisters, carousel, cats, charity shops, chekhov, children's literature, classic films, classic musicals, cottingley fairies, desperate housewives, domestic fiction, e.m. delafield, edith wharton, emily of new moon, england, english eccentricity, eugene onegin, eva ibbotson, fairies, fairy tales, fallen women, feminism, follies, frances hodgson burnett, gavin & stacey, gone with the wind, gordon macrae, harry potter, hating connie fisher, hayden tee, history, ingrid bergman, jane austen, jeff nicholson, joanna riding, john owen-jones, john william waterhouse, judy garland, julia möller, julie andrews, keeping up appearances, kurt weill, l. m. montgomery, la traviata, lady jane grey, languages, les misérables, letters, light in the piazza, literature, little house onthe prairie, london, lost, madwomen in attics, medievalism, meet me in st.louis, merchant ivory, mgm, mitford sisters, musical theatre, musicals, my fair lady, nancy mitford, national theatre, naveen andrews, north and south, obscure musical theatre sopranos, obscure-early-20th-century-british-women-writers, opera, operetta, outnumbered, oxfam, paris, peanut butter, period drama, persephone books, poetry, polar bears, polydactyl cats, postcards, pre-raphaelites, pride and prejudice, rebecca caine, reeljewels, regency era, rodgers and hammerstein, room with a view, rosamond lehmann, rosemary branch theatre, royal opera house, royal shakespeare company, russia, second-hand bookshops, sense and sensibility, shakespeare, shakespeare's globe, shirley jones, sir thomas wyatt, sondheim, sopranos, sweeney todd, tennyson, tenors, the bloody chamber, the provincial lady, the saga of jenny, theatre, tudor history, victorian era, vintage dresses, virago modern classics, west end, writing